Integrated Control of the Quality of Nanocrystals by Pulsed Laser in Laser Induced Chemical Deposition

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By creating arrays of nanostructures engineers can push the frontiers of industrial applications for significant economic gains and for the benefit of society. The roadblocks against realizing the potential of a variety of nanostructures and devices are due to low growth rate, unfit morphology, orientation, and inconsistent quality. Currently, there is no nanomanufacturing method known that can control the quality required for industrial production of devices consisting of manufactured nanostructured materials. There are numerous processes that have a slow rate of production.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed new ideas and practices to produce and control the quality of nanostructured materials using a pulsed laser as an integrated manufacturing and control tool. This process has a high production rate and high flexibility of making different materials that can be chemically synthesized. It also allows for the making and integration of all 0, 1, 2, and 3 D nanostructures and features while using the same equipment that can be easily scaled up.

-High production rate and flexibility
-Allows for the making and integration of all nanostructures

Potential Applications:
-Particles, films, and rings
-Layered 3D devices
Nov 29, 2019
United States
Nov 22, 2022

Nov 22, 2022
United States

Oct 14, 2019
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