Microwave Assisted Freeze Drying

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Primary drying is the most critical and time-consuming step in the lyophilization process used widely in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. To achieve minimal product loss, common practice is to optimize the recipe (time, temperature, and pressure) in each step of the lyophilization process, which wastes time unnecessarily.

Purdue researchers have developed a technology that uses microwave assisted heating in place of conventional heating. It allows for precise heating control of the frozen substance, including the ability to apply heat energy to specific locations inside the lyophilization chamber.

-Precise tuning of heating properties
-Selective heating of specific locations
-Faster processing time

Potential Applications:
-Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry
-Food industry
Apr 8, 2020
Utility Patent
United States
Mar 29, 2022

Feb 27, 2022
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Apr 8, 2019
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Apr 7, 2019
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