Liquid Oil Hydrogenation Process without Trans-fat Formation

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Researchers at Purdue University have developed a non-chemical process to convert liquid oil to solid which results in no toxic byproducts. The process is a cold plasma technology that can be used for hydrogenation of non-food oils as well as food oils. It was used on to convert liquid soybean oil to solid without the formation of trans-fat, an unwanted byproduct of oil hydrogenation. The hydrogenated soybean oil was 22 percent saturated, which has a similar saturated content found in commercially available partially hydrogenated oils.

-Green chemistry: non-chemical process and no toxic byproducts
-Formation of biodegradable products: plasticizer, polymer, solid vegetable oil
-No production of trans-fat during oil hydrogenation

Potential Applications:
-Biodegradable product manufacturing process
-Oil hydrogenation process
-Healthy food oil production
Nov 28, 2018
United States
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