Video Software to Observe Human and Object Interactions

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Researchers at Purdue University have developed an automated video analysis software architecture for people-centric systems. Many current solutions are geared toward one specific type of operation. Such automated systems monitor people's interactions with items in a store, belongings in an airport, books in a library, etc. and then establishes an associative relationship between the people and the objects, based on the application. However, this solution is largely domain agnostic, meaning that, with a few minor changes it works just as well with the automation of airport security as it does with retail data tracking. Furthermore, this technology can also be used with numerous types of sensors, such as weight, RFID, etc. as required for various applications. This technology is also highly scalable as it allows for an arbitrary number of humans interacting with an arbitrary number of objects and any association established between the two to be tracked. Although the current solution is geared toward airport security, due to the adaptability and scalability of this technology, it can be used for nearly any event-driven people-centric process that needs to be automated.

-Software runs on an independent system

Potential Applications:
-Airport Security
-Inventory Management Systems
-Operations Optimization
Jun 10, 2019
Utility Patent
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