Instrument for Rapid and Accurate Prediction of Food Shelf Life

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Researchers at Purdue University have developed a benchtop instrument and software that can rapidly and accurately predict the shelf life of food and beverage. This instrument can provide predictions of vitamin degradation, changes in color and viscosity, and overall food quality. Unlike alternate solutions that can take weeks to months to make predictions, Purdue's technology can produce shelf-life estimates in days. This technology can be used by companies in the food and nutrition industries to create more accurate expiration dates and reduce the prevalence of retail and consumer food waste.

- Rapid shelf-life prediction (in days, rather than weeks)
- Predictions about nutrient degradation and overall quality
- Can help reduce retail and consumer food waste

- Food and beverage industries
- Shelf-life studies
- Nutritional content research

Technology Validation:
This technology was validated via a comparison of the change in nutrients in samples exposed to conventional accelerated food degradation methods and samples exposed to Purdue's method.
Jan 16, 2023
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