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Individuals recovering from knee and leg injuries must wear full leg braces or other knee immobilization devices. The restrictive devices limit a user's ability to perform everyday tasks such as sitting upright in a chair and may actually introduce stresses that can potentially slow the recovery process. Currently, the problem is being addressed through means of extended leg rests on wheelchairs, allowing users to assume a sitting position with less discomfort, however, provides limited mobility.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed an accessory to a standard leg brace that resolves the issue brace wearers encounter when attempting to sit in upright positions. The value of this device comes from the simplicity in its design. The technology allows for the user to adjust settings for individual comfort and is easily removed.

-Simple design
-Increased mobility
-Individualized comfort

Potential Applications:
-Leg braces/knee immobilization devices
-Orthopedic brace market
Sep 11, 2019
Utility Patent
United States

Sep 12, 2018
United States
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