Overexpression of ONA1 to Increase Plant Biomass and Seed Yield

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Seed yield is limited by the number of flowers produced by the plant and the number of ovules within the flower. Plant breeding has been used to try to optimize the number of seeds produced. Plant breeding is complex and raises many concerns as to the progression it has in seed yield. An alternative to plant breeding could lead to sufficient increases in seed yield and biomass in plants.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed an overexpression of the ONA1 gene. The ONA1 gene regulates plant fertility by controlling the number of ovules produced as well as regulating pollen development. Overexpression of ONA1 could be used to increase both the number of flowers and the number of ovules per flower. Since ONA1 also increases branching, its overexpression could also be used to increase overall biomass in bioenergy and forage crops.

-Increase number of flowers/ovules per flower
-Increase branching
-Increase overall biomass in bioenergy and forage crops

Potential Applications:
-Biotech/biofuel industries
-Plant biomass
-Seed yield
Jun 19, 2018
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