Micro-scale Powder Process for Drug Particle Filled Capsules

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Oral solid doses constitute approximately 60% of drug products. Oral solid dose manufacturing must deal with challenges associated with powder rheology; this is problematic for micronized powders which are cohesive. Poorly water-soluble compounds constitute 40% of currently marketed compounds. Particle size reduction is used to improve drug bioavailability, but causes rheological problems in manufacturing. The lack of constitutive equations leads to a demand for an effective precision dosing process.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a new micron-scale powder process. This process enables accuracy dosing of drug mass and low product relative standard deviation; additionally, the method allows for specification of particle size distribution in a product by choice of source material, as experiments have demonstrated that particle size is preserved through the printing process.

-Versatile processing of fine particles
-Low relative standard deviation
-Enables production of high-dose pharmaceuticals

Potential Applications:
-Compounding pharmacy
-Slurry printing
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