Reversible Thermo-Power Parka Jacket

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Attempts to generate power from body heat have faced several difficult technical challenges. Technologies have most often tried to charge cell phones through body heat. Charging a cell phone in one hour requires 5 Volts of regulated DC power of 5-10 Watts. The ideal body heat generator can charge a phone, but will take more than 100-200 hours to charge from empty to full. Innovations in this technology are needed in order to feasibly implement it into markets.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a power bank to be charged from body heat within a power harness that is built into a parka jacket. Charging a power bank instead of charging a phone is beneficial as it allows for thermoelectric temperature control. This technology is able to warm up or cool down the inner side of a jacket by consuming the electrical power generated from the power bank. The power generation and temperature control can be externally controlled with a wireless transmitter/receiver or from a cell phone connected with a power wire or wirelessly through an additional app.

-Charges at all times, whenever power is available
-Temperature control
-Adds value to parka jackets

Potential Applications:
-Integration to parka jackets
-Thermoelectric materials
-Sporting, medical, military, emergency services, etc.
Sep 3, 2020
Utility Patent
United States

Sep 3, 2019
United States
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