Spatially Mapping Smart Objects within AR Scenes

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As a novel interface which bridges the real and the digital, Augmented Reality (AR) has become a promising surrogate for interacting with proliferating smart things. Users are exposed to the functionalities of several devices to make up a smart environment. The key part of interacting with a smart environment in mobile AR is mapping of the smart objects globally, i.e., knowing where the smart things are located in the AR scene. Simple scene augmentation, multi-view object detection, and pose estimation have been achieved by detecting the objects in a camera's local view. But, there has been little to no direction in enabling AR interaction with the surrounding smart environment as a whole ecology.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed an AR system called Scenariot, a fast estimation of the 3D locations of smart things that exploits the spatial relationships for location aware interactions. Using the system, a user can survey the surrounding environment while moving and instantly approximate the location of the IoT devices with an accuracy of ~0.4 meters even if a device is not in the camera's local field of view.

-Estimate 3D locations of distributed smart things
-Rapidly map and interact with smart things in AR scenes
-Accuracy of ~0.4m

Potential Applications:
-Augmented Reality
-IoT Devices
-Applications demonstrating usage of proposed technology
Sep 2, 2020
United States
Sep 20, 2022

Sep 20, 2022
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Feb 27, 2019

Mar 2, 2018
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