Disk Resonators with Alignment-free Electrodes

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Panasonic is currently selling the number one gyroscope on the market, the PZT tuning-fork. This gyroscope is operates at 43kHz which makes is susceptible to high-G acceleration which is not good. There are other current gyroscopes on the market but all suffer from the same three issues which are low mechanical quality factor, reduction in transducer area, and reduction in piezoelectric coupling coefficient. There is a need for a new technology that can fix these issues with the current gyroscope market.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a new technology that could help solve the issues with the current gyroscopes available on the market. They developed an In-Plane Wine-Glass Mode Disk Resonator and an Out-of-Plane "Pringle-chip" Mode Disk Resonator. What these two disk resonators would do is lower the piezoelectric coupling coefficient a good amount. This would create small displacements which is better for the gyroscopes. This new technology could open the door for how gyroscopes operate.

-Small displacements
-Low piezoelectric coupling coefficient

Potential Applications:
Aug 20, 2019
Utility Patent
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