Efficient User Interface for Cost Modeling Software and Database

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An important part about manufacturing is knowing the costs of the item you are manufacturing. The current method of knowing the cost of things is based off of experience and tradition to estimate the cost. This process is completely separate from the design engineering function. The cost related data that is important during manufacturing is typically store on disconnected spreadsheets or other type of documents. This creates an inefficiency in this process. There is a need for a new method of storing cost related data more efficiently.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a new method of storing cost related data. This new method creates an efficient user interface for the design engineers to use to look at cost related data for manufacturing. This user interface connects and retrieves cost related data from various sources that used to be disconnected. The interface comes with drag and drop capability, manufacturing line customization, and bottleneck point identification. All of these things will help this interface make storing and retrieving cost related data much more efficient.

-Connects cost information
-Incorporates manufacturing data
-Bottleneck identification

Potential Applications:
-Computer software
-Information management
Apr 28, 2020
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