Cooperative Video Streaming Algorithm

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Data plans today are very expensive for even the smallest amount of data. Phone companies are starting to go to unlimited data but they cost a lot of money and they restrict you to a certain amount of data before slowing down your speeds. Currently, there is no pooling of group resources to stream any kind of media. The only option right now is Chromecast, but this requires one person to connect to it and use only their data. Most of the time someone will not want to do this because streaming a video uses a lot of data. There is a need for a way that allows for a group of people to watch the same video but not use up a single person's data plan.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a new technology that allows for a group of people to stream the same video on a single screen without using a single person's data. This new technology is an algorithm that allows everyone in that group to share the video stream which means less data is used per person. So, people who are restricted to less data usage will feel better about watching videos because there is more than just that person's data being used. With multiple people's data being used, this also creates a higher streaming quality. If someone does not have the greatest service, the video would normally buffer, but this technology allows someone else's data to help out and not allow the video to buffer. This new technology could open a door for video streaming in the near future.

-Uses multiple user's data
-Higher quality video streaming
-Less buffering time

Potential Applications:
-Video streaming
-Data plans
Dec 18, 2018
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