Woven Ribbon Thermoelectric Modules

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Conventional thermoelectric modules are rigid in nature and cannot fit onto any curvature of a hot or cold surface, which limits the amount of power produced by these thermoelectric modules. Additionally, the large numbers of small pieces which are later put together by soldering result in a lengthy and costly process. Researchers at Purdue University have developed an innovative technology that allows the thermoelectric modules to be more flexible, fitting onto any curvature surface and withstand heating and cooling. This also allows for the maximum power output to be reached by these thermoelectric modules. The ribbon itself can also be used as a standalone module conferring flexibility in these thermoelectric modules and allowing them to handle heating or cooling.


-Able to handle heating or cooling

Potential Applications:

-Thermoelectric modules
-Thermoelectric ribbons

Technology Validation: This technology has been validated through fabrication and testing of woven modules.
Feb 4, 2022
Utility Patent
United States

Feb 4, 2021
United States
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