Swivel Mounted Antenna

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Swivel-mounted antennas are used to support various communication needs of civilians and military personnel while they are deployed inside or outside of the United States. Ultra-high frequency SATCOM antennas are usually mounted to tripods that must be used on a stationary surface. Current mounting devices do not allow antennas to be easily installed on or removed from a vehicle while permitting operators to efficiently and conveniently reposition the antenna to communicate with satellites while in motion. Moreover, existing mounting devices typically require that the vehicle be physically moved to enable line of sight communication between the antenna and an orbiting satellite.

NSWC Crane has patented and fielded a swivel mount for antennas that can be installed on any vehicle. It requires minimal tooling to install or remove the mount. Due to the unique design, the swivel mount can be adjusted manually by a person seated in the vehicle so that the antenna can maintain alignment with an orbiting satellite to enable satellite communications (SATCOM). The mounting interface allows the SATCOM antenna to be manually adjusted for altitude and rotated within 360 degrees of azimuth to communicate with a satellite as it orbits the earth. The combination of a ground supported tripod and a vehicle supported swivel mount apparatus enables the SATCOM antennas to be used in a dual use capacity.
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United States
Aug 22, 2017
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