Router and Relay System for Extending Network Service

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The US Navy seeks a partner for licensing and collaboration on an unobtrusive router and relay system that can communicate with cellphones, cell towers, drones, etc by routing RF signals back to a location with connectivity.

A need exists to extend cellular phone coverage and other communication systems into areas like national parks, remote areas, or even hostile areas where people may want to tamper with the communications system. These communication systems need to blend into their surrounding and remain dormant until they are required for use.

NSWC Crane has patented an unobtrusive router/relay system which can extend the communication network into remote, uninhabited, or unfriendly territory. By using many of these small devices set out in a network, it is possible to cover large distances and route signals back to an area with signal. The devices can be positioned in the locations or transit paths that are not covered by signal. They are designed to blend in with their surroundings such as being made to look like a rock or a fallen tree. This ways they can blend in with the natural surroundings in a park and not detract from the natural beauty like a cell phone tower would.
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Jan 23, 2018
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