New Communication Method using Solar Cells

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Today's communication method uses radio waves. This has been the method we have been using since it was created. This method can easily become overcrowded and interrupted by certain things. With the current method, any metallic surface will disrupt the radio wave communication method. They also need a reader nearby at all times supplying it power. The radio wave communication method is outdated and needs to adapt to today's technology.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a new communication method. This new method utilizes solar cells. This method can still send a retrieve data like the radio wave method can but it can do much more. The solar cell method only needs light to function. So, it does not need a constant power source by it at all times. Also, this new method is completely unaffected by metal which was a huge obstacle for the radio wave communication method. This solar cell method also allows for longer read distances. This new communication method can adapt to today's technological world better than the old method could.

-Only needs light to function
-Longer distances allowed
-Unaffected by metal

Potential Applications:
-Solar power
Jul 13, 2020
United States
Jul 20, 2021

Sep 3, 2019
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Jul 14, 2020

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