A New Herbicide and Non-GMO Crops Resistant to this Herbicide

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Weeds cause tremendous damage in yield and productivity of crop plants. In Corn and Soybean, weed loses account for $27 billion and $16 billion annually in value, respectively. Genetically engineered crop plants (Genetically engineered organism, GMO) have been developed to allow for better control of weeds using herbicides in the standing crop. Excess use of these herbicides has raised concerns due to their potential impact on human health and environment. Further, weeds have developed resistance to several of conventional herbicides in recent years. Hence there is need to develop new herbicides that are effective and controlling weeds and also safe for humans and environments.

Researchers at Purdue have identified a compound that could be used as a broad spectrum herbicide. This novel herbicide that could be used even in non-GMO crop plants. The herbicide selectively kills weeds that are susceptible to it while not affecting crop plants that carry the resistance to the herbicide. The combination of the novel herbicide and the corresponding resistant crop plants will result in the better control of weeds, while reducing the impact of humans and environment.

-Resistant to the herbicide
-No need for GMO crops

Potential Applications:
-GMO crops
-Plant herbicides
May 20, 2020
United States

Nov 20, 2018

Nov 20, 2017
United States
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