Secure In-Class Student Response System

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Quizzing students over content from lectures is a widely used method for keeping students in class and encouraging them to pay attention to lecture. However, existing methods do not keep students engaged in class. With platforms such as iClicker, students do not need to be in the classroom to answer questions; only the iClicker remote itself must be in the room with someone. This leaves the possibility of compromising academic integrity. With mobile platforms, students could be anywhere in the world answering questions. In addition, students must purchase remotes to take quizzes, which can be considerably expensive, or pay a large sum every term for the service. There is need of an inexpensive method for student response systems that effectively protects academic integrity and keeps students engaged in lecture.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a secure, in-class student response system that eliminates issues regarding academic integrity, eLecturic. The process used ensures that students are in the class room by releasing a soundwave to your device (laptop, phone, etc.) to confirm the presence of the individual. This technology should lead to both higher attendance and more engagement in classroom discussion by giving students the ability to ask questions mid-lecture via their device. The service would cost 10 USD per term as opposed to existing platforms, which are generally more expensive. ELecturic would help professors/TAs and department heads and administrators incorporate secure Q and A sessions in universities, educator events, seminars, conferences, and even online.

-Increase student engagement
-Promote academic integrity
-Reduce costs of purchasing digital platforms

Potential Applications:
-Universities and educator events
-Seminars and conferences
May 16, 2018
United States
May 16, 2018
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