Antenna Including a Hybrid Active Array

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The U.S. Navy seeks a partner for licensing and collaboration on a hybrid active array combining aspects of passive and active array architecture with a transmitter, high power, and cooling components positioned at a location away from the radiating location.

Active arrays with transmit and receive elements require costly high power and cooling infrastructure at the antenna's location. Existing active array designs with active transmit systems are costly, require higher maintenance, and experience higher fail rates due to heat.

NSWC Crane has designed and patented a hybrid active array that includes elements of an electromagnetic spectrum transmitter and a separate active receive array system where the high power transmission signal, power, and cooling elements are at a different location than the antenna with receive active array elements. The system reduces the need for high voltage, high current, and cooling at a radiating location, such as a tower or mast, while improving noise reduction. One example of the invention creates a receive active array system with a low noise amplifier close to each receiving antenna element while having high power transmitter signal generating elements in a separate equipment room. The separated equipment generates an output signal that is passed through a waveguide or a transmission line up to an antenna which includes a beamforming network coupled with antenna radiating elements. Cooling and power supply is simplified since these are not required to be routed up a mast or a tower.
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Aug 22, 2017
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