Novel Ni Alloy Catalysts for Light Alkane Dehydrogenation

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The production of shale gas drives natural gas production in the U.S. and worldwide. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration's International Energy Outlook 2016 and Annual Energy Outlook 2016, shale gas is expected to account for 30 percent of world natural gas by 2040. In the U.S., shale gas accounted for 50 percent of the natural gas production in 2015 and expected to increase to 70 percent by 2040. Shale gas is typically transformed into gasoline, diesel fuel, and fine chemicals by catalysts in a process called alkane dehydrogenation; however, this process is currently very expensive and Ni catalysts produce excessive amounts of carbon at high temperatures. Therefore, there is need of a more efficient system for utilizing petroleum and gas reserves.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed new nickel (Ni) catalysts for alkane dehydrogenation at high temperatures that yield high stability and olefin selectivity. The catalysts are easily prepared and robust for the conversion of small alkanes to olefins. This new family of Ni alloy catalysts has higher rates and longer life compared to other Ni catalysts. The novel design performs better than current catalysts and allows for process improvement. The Ni catalysts could directly replace existing catalysts. This technology would help oil and chemical companies in addition to technology companies, who develop technologies for these industries.

-Higher rates
-Longer life
-Ni is abundant and costs less than platinum (Pt)
-Superior performance often identical to Pt
-Useful in other processes that use Ni catalysts
-Useful for other high temperature catalytic reactions
-Replace existing catalysts

Potential Applications:
-Oil companies
-Chemical companies
-Technology companies
Jan 31, 2020
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