Sting-Mount Injector for Rotating Detonation Combustor

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Rotating detonation combustors are currently in research and development stages worldwide for potential use in a wide array of applications including gas turbine combustors and afterburners, rocket combustors and preburners, ramjet and scramjet combustors, and reaction control thrusters for spacecraft applications. The vast majority of existing implementations incorporate a series of transverse fuel injection sites evenly spaced around the annulus of an air/oxidizer duct. This makes altering the fuel injection site difficult, requiring the manufacturer of an entire new set of fuel injectors to affect changes in dynamic response and mixing of fuel and air/oxidizer. The potential exists to improve efficiency and reduce fuel consumption by as much as 15 percent.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a "sting," which is a centrally-mounted ring shaped device that serves as the main fuel injection mechanism in rotating detonation combustors. This device incorporates injection holes on either side as it is placed into the oxidizer/air duct. In modular applications, the position of the sting can be finely adjusted to tune the injection to optimize combustor performance. This technology allows for altering both transient mixing and the dynamic response of the entire injection system, a key advantage over existing methods given they require the manufacture of an entirely new set of fuel injectors. The sting approach provides a highly streamlined path toward engine development and its modularity and adaptability provide a crucial advantage in the development of products using rotating detonation combustion physics.

-Excellent mixing of injected fuel with an annular air/oxidizer stream
-Effect and control the dynamic response of the injection system
-Rapid optimization of injector location and type
-Streamlines the development path for dynamic combustor systems

Potential Applications:
-Gas turbine combustors and afterburners
-Rocket combustors and preburners
-Ramjet and scramjet combustors
-Reaction control thrusters for spacecraft applications
Jun 21, 2017
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