Retractable Sound and Flash Suppressor

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The U.S. Navy seeks a partner for licensing and collaboration on a retractable flash suppressor for a firearm.

Most sound suppressors are fixed in length, which means the suppressor always adds the same length to a firearm. Firearms are used in a variety of different locations for law enforcement, first responder, military, hunting, and recreational use. Fixed suppressors do not allow a firearm to be adjusted for the environment where it is being used.

Additionally, most sound suppressors are fully-welded units which are unable to be disassembled. This makes sound suppressors difficult to clean leading to degradation of performance over time and, eventually, the necessity of replacing the entire suppressor.

NSWC Crane has patented a sound and flash suppressor for firearms. The invention includes improvements and combinations of improvements for reducing the noise and light put off by a firearm when it is fired. Improvements include adjustable and retractable means for suppressing sound/muzzle flash, fixed baffles, floating baffles, and spring loaded floating baffles. A retractable suppressor is more convenient for storing the suppressor and firearm. In close quarters, such as a vehicle or ship, the suppressor could be easily retracted to conserve space.
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United States
Aug 15, 2017
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