Power Management System

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The US Navy seeks a partner for licensing and collaboration on a power management system that controls and distributes electricity from alternative power sources such as solar, wind, or generators based on environmental or power draw conditions.

There are many situations where it may not be possible to connect to a local electrical grid and receive a steady, uninterrupted source of electrical power. One such place might be a remote location where there is no electrical grid, such as a third world country or uninhabited terrain. Another example would be where the electrical grid exists but is offline, such as during or after a natural disaster, or where the electrical grid is operating at limited capacity, such as when there are too many users drawing power and creating too high demand for the grid to support (i.e. brown-out.)

NSWC Crane has designed a power management system for controlling and distributing electricity from multiple alternative sources based on the conditions of the system requiring the electricity. The system receives input related to environmental conditions including, but not limited to, available sources of power, historical usage data, weather conditions, and power drawing devices connected to the system. Utilizing an analytics engine, the system is able to learn and make decisions to energize or deenergize the sources of power depending on the needs of the system. Myriad sources of power can be used on this system including solar panels, batteries, wind turbines, generators, the electrical grid, hydroelectric, etc.
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Mar 7, 2017
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