Polymer Based Foam Thermoelectric Generators

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Wearable power generators used in IoT electronics, health care equipment, and medical sensing equipment use power generators that utilize body heat as opposed to heavy batteries. In waste heat or body heat recovery, low thermal conductance and mechanical flexibility are required for effective thermoelectric power generators.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a straight forward fabrication process of thermoelectric materials that improves upon current methods by using foam. The high porosity of the foam saves significant area coverage improving the productivity of fabrication. The technology described is flexible, durable, and powerful.

-Eliminates the need for heavy, chargeable batteries
-No need for a thermal conducting sheet

Potential Applications:
-IoT power source
-Medical devices
Jun 22, 2021
United States

Dec 13, 2018
Utility Patent
United States

Dec 13, 2017
United States
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