Novel Oil-Free Solid Lubricant

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Liquid lubricants are used for a wide spectrum of purposes in industry including such things as transferring heat, protecting against wear and corrosion, transmitting power, and reducing friction. Most liquid lubricants typically consist of 90 percent base oil such as petroleum or mineral oils. Due to oil's volatility and flammability, it is unstable for use in high temperature or low pressure applications. There is need for a new, more stable lubricant for such applications.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a novel graphene-zinc oxide based composite film for use as a solid-state lubricant for friction and wear reduction under extreme load conditions. Using a ball-on-disk tribometer for testing, the composite film maintained its lubricating effects under extreme operating conditions. Furthermore, it reduces friction and wear between surfaces than oil-based lubricants. Because the lubricant is not oil-based, it allows for more effective utilization in high temperature or extreme low pressure applications. The durability and resilience of this adhesive coating suggest exceptional potential as a dry lubricant for high load-bearing applications.

-Substantial friction and wear reduction
-More stable than oil-based lubricants
-More effective in high temperature, extreme low pressure, or high load-bearing applications
-Precoated on the surface

Potential Applications:
-Machining and manufacturing
-High temperature, low pressure, or high load-bearing lubricant applications

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