Method for Rapid Gaseous Deployment of a Material or Chemical using a Polyphoric Substrate

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The U.S. Navy seeks a partner for licensing and collaboration on a method for rapid deployment of a material through the use of a pyrophoric substrate generating thermal energy.

Many commercial products use the basic principle of thermally heating a substance to change its physical state from a solid or liquid to a gas or aerosol. Many of these use a flame, pyrotechnic reaction, electrical source to provide the energy necessary to cause the phase change.

NSWC Crane has developed and patented a way to use a pyrophoric substrate to generate thermal energy that would be required to cause a phase change from a solid or liquid to a gas or aerosol. Pyrophoric materials are substances that ignite or react instantly when exposed to air, specifically oxygen. This reaction can generate enough heat for a sufficient time to sublime or evaporate a variety of materials into a gas or aerosol phase. The patent includes delivery structures adapted to control activation or delivery of the material or chemical of interest. Examples of materials or chemicals of interest can include organic dyes for use in visual obscurants, electromagnetic obscurants, or other aerosolized chemicals such as perfumes, air fresheners, pesticides, or disinfectants.
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United States
Mar 14, 2017
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