Sensor-embedded Shoe Soles for Tracking Foot Motion

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Tracking the motion of feet is a common practice for researchers to learn more about the human physiology. Existing foot tracking solutions include IMUs or accelerometers embedded in the shoe or in an anklet. However, current technologies are bulky and cannot accurately localize points of pressure in the feet. There is need of a practical method for obtaining additional information from foot motion.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a pressure/strain/shear-sensitive shoe sole. The sensors are stretchable and flexible capacitors made from unique materials. Various sensors are distributed across the shoe sole, allowing the device to localize points of pressure, strain, or shear. This technology would help researchers track foot motion for data collection and obtaining new information about human physiology.

-Flexible/stretchable materials
-Distributed sensors

Potential Applications:
-Data collection
-Gain new information
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