Water Cleaning System for Ultrasonic Testing

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Past methods of submersion ultrasonic testing had error problems as a result of suspended particles in the fluid. Once used, the fluid had to be disposed of in a particular way because of the possibility of explosives residue or other hazardous waste. The disposal process was time and cost prohibitive. Additionally, it was necessary to avoid making changes to the testing process, so that test data always correlated due to consistent test methodology.

NSWC Crane has developed and patented a system for cleaning a fluid during submersion ultrasonic testing to eliminate contamination. The result of this cleaning system is improved and more consistent test results during testing by constantly filtering and cleaning a fluid used during testing. The cleaning also extends the useful life of the fluid, reducing hazardous waste and cutting down on the time required for disposal and maintenance. Additionally, the consistently clean water provides better, more dependable test results because the quality of the fluid is not changing as the testing progresses.
Utility Patent
United States
Jan 17, 2017
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