Intuitive Interface for Combining Data from Multiple Sources

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Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) create original graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for each of their vast and varying inventory of electro-optic and sensor devices. Each OEM develops unique methods of displaying necessary system information to the users. Sponsors, users or government representatives are rarely involved in the design, format, or characteristics of required display information. Usually, only specific data required by the operator to effectively complete their mission is captured in the requirements, but not the placement and characteristics of this information.

Operational effectiveness can be affected by the placement and characteristics of the information including too much or too little on-screen information, varying needs of the operators based on roles or missions, over-engineered overlays, text readability, non-intuitive symbology, and little to no ability to configure the display for different requirements.

NSWC Crane has developed and patented a standard graphical user interface (GUI) that is compatible with a variety of sensor and information systems such as electro-optical and sensory equipment designed around the needs of the end user. The device comprises drivers that are configured to receive data and video from multiple sensors and create standardized GUI overlays. The GUI overlays show the data using both symbology and text and are combined with the video and displayed independent of the source of the sensor. The overlay is designed to communicate critical information quickly and be intuitive for a user.
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