Amine-Boranes Bearing Borane-Intolerant Functionalities

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Amine-boranes have been known for over eight decades and have found several applications in industry and academia alike. Typically, amine-boranes are produced through reacting an amine with borane-based complexes. However, various common functional groups, such as hydroxyl, thiol, ester, etc., are reactive to these borane-based complexes. As a result, preparing amines-boranes bearing functional groups is a major challenge for chemists around the world. A method to synthesize these functional groups would expand borane's properties as an amine-protecting group and provide unique applications in both organic and materials chemistry.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a novel synthesis of known, as well as inaccessible, functional group bearing amine-boranes, utilizing inexpensive and widely available reagents. This method is capable of producing amines bearing borane-reactive functionalities such as alkene, alkyne, hydroxyl, thiol, ester, amide, nitrile, and nitro. This technology will aid in the progress of materials chemistry and organic chemistry research.

-Production of amine-boranes is safer and less expensive
-Increased supply of amine-boranes
-Uses water and baking soda as reagents
-Works for previously inaccessible amine-boranes
-Utilizes nonflammable reagents
-Process performed in an open-air environment without the need for inert conditions

Potential Applications:
-Energy storage
-Hydrogen storage
-Hydrogen to power electric vehicles, electronic devices, and in rocket propellants
-Material chemistry R&D
-Organic chemistry R&D
Aug 18, 2017
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