Cold Atmospheric Plasma Device Driven by DC Voltage

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Non-equilibrium atmospheric plasma jets (NEAPJ) are widely used in the fields of sterilization and disinfection without chemical damage to tissue, minimally-invasive surgery, cancer treatment, drug delivery, wound healing, cellular modifications, bioengineering, dermatology, cosmetics, etc. Conventional NEAPJ uses AC voltage or pulsed DC power supplies, which cause electromagnetic interference (EMI) and high ground leakage currents. There is a need for an NEAPJ without such problems.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a new device for generating cold plasma jets that uses pure DC voltage as opposed to AC voltage or pulsed DC power devices. Using a pure DC voltage reduces the problems caused by EMI, such as problems with medical monitors and medical devices. When EMI causes such devices to malfunction, it puts the patient at risk.

-Reduces electromagnetic interference and high ground leakage currents
-Does not damage tissue

Potential Applications:
-Sterilization and disinfection of tissue wounds
-Medical applications
Oct 11, 2017
Utility Patent
United States

Oct 13, 2016
United States

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