Process for Manufacturing a Plurality of Wave Energy Emitters

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The U.S. Navy seeks a partner for licensing a process for manufacturing multiple wave energy emitters through the use of fractals to magnify acoustic resonances.

Currently, acoustic resonators do not exist that can resonate with a single plate at multiple frequencies at precise intervals such as octaves. A need exists for an emitter or resonator capable of resonating at multiple predefined frequencies, simultaneously having significant signal magnification capacities, increased strength, reduced weight, reduced cost, smaller form factor, elimination of need to change resonator plates to change frequencies, reduced signal reproduction degradation, and an ability to manufacture using desirable manufacturing processes and equipment.

NSWC Crane has developed and patented a process for manufacturing a plurality of wave energy emitters. Fractal patterns can provide multiple acoustic resonances proportional to a magnification factor of a fractal. Since the resonance frequency of a thin metallic circular plate is inversely proportional to a square of the diameter of the circular plate, a fractal pattern such as shown in the patent will appear to have multiple diameters with each smaller repeated image in the fractal being reduced in size by the magnification factor of the fractal. For example, if the magnification factor is set to the square root of two, then each successive small image in the fractal will resonate at twice the frequency of the preceding larger image.
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