Software Retrieves Visual Data from Public Cameras

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Thousands of network cameras are connected to the internet and provide real-time visual data, image or video. Many of the network cameras do not require a password, making their visual data publically available. Networks consist of many camera brands, with each brand using a heterogeneous interface to retrieve the visual data. These unique interfaces make it difficult to retrieve visual data. In addition, websites that stream live video use different formats and styles; URLs frequently change. Compiling visual data to form a cohesive piece of footage is difficult because of the many interfaces and formats used.

Researchers from Purdue University have developed software that can retrieve visual data from heterogeneous sources, i.e., multiple camera models, websites, formats and styles. This software allows the user to retrieve visual data from the many network cameras that are publically available, making the task of retrieving visual data easier to perform.

-Works on multiple brands of cameras and their unique interfaces
-Requires less time
-Easier to perform

Potential Applications:
-Police departments
-Departments of Transportation
-Film editing
May 24, 2016
United States
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May 24, 2016

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