Integral Multichambered Valved Suppressor

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NSWC Crane has patented a multichambered suppressor with a gas path through the barrel which routes propellant gas through a series of chambers with different functions such as gas expansion, cooling, mechanical, energy absorption, reduction of first shot flash, etc. The suppressor is integrated with the firearm system, instead of on the end, which allows for the continued use of the existing barrel end attachments such as compensators. The suppressor is substantially beneath a hand guard or rail system so the center of mass stays close to the person using the firearm helping to maintain the firearm's balance.

The multichambered suppressor will keep the firearm system cleaner for a longer period of time since, unlike a conventional suppressor, particulates are not cycled back into the system. Another advantage of the multichambered suppressor is the reduction in first shot flash since oxygen will be purged from the suppressor due to the incoming gases, but the timing of the event is such that most of the gunpowder has already ignited or been dispersed before the oxygen exits the suppressor. Another benefit is the absorption of kinetic energy through the use of elastomers for baffle walls. Shifting the sound frequency can also be accomplished by varying the elastomer along the length of the suppressor, and can be easily changed and replaced to shift the frequency if desired.

-Reduced first shot flash
-No added length to a firearm barrel
-Improved cleanliness
-Enhanced absorption of kinetic energy and shifting of sound frequencies
Utility Patent
United States
Mar 1, 2016
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