Testing Apparatus for Detecting Counterfeit or Defective Microelectronic Devices

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The U.S. Navy seeks a partner to license a patent for a test system implementing a combination of multiple test modalities for use in determining if a microelectronic device is defective or counterfeit.

It is increasingly important to have the ability detect defective or counterfeit microelectronic devices in the marketplace. Defects or counterfeit devices can include parts that do not conform to their specification, are not authorized by an original equipment manufacturer, are being passed off as a new part, or have been subjected to one or more damage or stress events exceeding acceptable limits such as an electrostatic discharge event. System defect or supply chain problems are becoming more difficult given large volumes, difficulty in accessing parts in an assembly, and different sizes, shapes, and structures for mass produced parts. Thus, there is a need to improve electronic system supply chain defect detection capabilities which can be used at any stage in a supply chain.

NSWC Crane has developed a test system for measuring multiple test modalities for determining if a microelectronic device is defective or counterfeit. The system combines many different data sets to create a comprehensive set of data using simpler and less costly method, which provide a reliable and significantly accurate system permitting high capacity or high speed testing. It can be used to provide testing in different locations of a supply chain for parts in different part, end use, or packaging configurations.
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Jan 26, 2016
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