Environmentally Friendly Extraction of Rare Earth Elements and Other Chemicals from Coal Fly Ash

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Rare earth elements are used in catalysts, magnets, photodiodes, and hybrid vehicles. The United States has 13 million metric tons of rare earth deposits, but achieving high purity is a difficult task. The United States relies upon China for the majority of its imports of rare earth elements. Thus, methods that can help improve the life cycle of rare earth elements, including increasing domestic production, reducing usage, and recycling, can help the nation and companies within to be more sustainable.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a technology to recover rare earth elements from coal and coal byproducts. With this technology, it is possible to obtain rare earth elements with a yield of 90 percent or higher from coal fly ash. High purities and high yields of rare earth elements and other chemicals can be obtained from extraction and purification. This process has low energy requirements, generates little waste, and reduces the release of toxic metals into the environment, making it efficient, economical, and environmentally benign.

To view a video related to this technology, click on this link: https://youtu.be/6sZmT-44HFg

-Extraction of rare earth elements and other chemicals from coal ash
-High purity extraction
-High yield results
-Efficient, economical, and environmentally benign

Potential Applications:
-Rare earth elements extraction processes
-Extraction of other chemicals from coal ash
-National and private uses
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