Efficient, Environmentally Conscious Conversion of Biomass to Sustainable Fuel and Chemicals

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Due to its instability, poor combustion performance, and low calorific value, bio-oil is generally upgraded by reducing oxygen content. Hydrodeoxygenation is one commonly used approach. Using hydrogen gas for deoxygenation is expensive given the high cost of production and transportation. A need exists for an efficient process of converting biomass to hydrocarbons using available resources.

Researchers at Purdue University developed a process that uses methane to deoxygenate guaiacol, a model compound for upgrading pyrolysis bio-oils by deoxygenation. This process is both economical and feasible, overcoming the high cost of hydrogen gas used in conventional processes.

-Economic/feasible process for upgrading pyrolysis bio-oils
-Overcomes the high-cost of hydrogen gas

Potential Applications:
-Hydrodeoxygenation processes
Jul 29, 2016
Utility Patent
United States
Jul 17, 2018

Jul 31, 2015
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