Extensible Testing System

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In a variety of different contexts, it is desirable to test electronic equipment and collect data from the tests for evaluation and analysis. Particular pieces of electronic equipment require input that is specifically tailored. Administering tests to multiple types of equipment can require redundant programming.

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane), has developed and patented a computer implemented system for testing a plurality of electronic equipment using a single test specification. This system provides eight different processing sequences that generate data structure using different protocols and provides a software conversion system comprising a user interface adapted to permit a user to control processing and to select input files.

-Provides a software conversion system
-Permits user to control processing and select input files
-Allows multiple electronic equipment testing

Potential Applications:
-Electronic Manufacturing
May 31, 2011
Utility Patent
United States
Mar 4, 2014
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