Novel Ink Formulation for Uniform Films of Particles

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At present, methods for depositing uniform films on particles as a monolayer are limited. Langmuir transfer techniques and vacuum based techniques are used; however, both techniques require a transfer process that can be complicated.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a technique that makes uniform thin films with monolayer capability through evaporation. Using concepts of vapor pressure and diffusion, the resulting deposit of metal particles after evaporation is uniform with a surface roughness as small as that of closely packed particles. This novel technique uses metal particles and solvents. This process works under standard temperature and pressure (STP) and it does not require a transfer process that is used in current techniques. It can be integrated into inkjet systems.

-Uniform thin films
-Used under STP
-No transfer process

Potential Applications:
-Inkjet systems
-New ink production
-Thin films
Feb 10, 2017
Utility Patent
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Sep 15, 2020

Sep 10, 2020
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Feb 12, 2016
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