Rf Power Density and Field Characterization Technique

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There are several techniques for characterizing and measuring a directed electromagnetic (EM) field characterization, e.g., a radiofrequency (RF) beam. Some approaches to radio frequencyRF beam measurement employed a model of heat transfer from one macroscopic body to another and black body radiation of a particle with only one degree of freedom.

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane), has developed and patented an apparatus, system, and method for characterizing a directed beam of EM radiation. It may include an apparatus and measuring technique method that uses a model for blackbody radiation, which includes consideration of all the degrees of freedom due to translation, vibration, and rotation of molecules or atoms that make up the absorber and a heat transfer term, which averages the behavior of all the atoms of the material as a function of temperature. Such a system would include an EM source, an EM absorption material, and a temperature sensor array to measure the temperature of the EM absorption material. The temperature sensor array is coupled with a processing system for processing data received and outputting data representations characterizing an EM field, which was directed on the EM absorption material. This apparatus and method provides an advantage of increased accuracy, substantial reductions of time required for processing, simplification of measuring processes, and reduction of required equipment.

-Able to make parallel measurements versus serial or piece-meal measurements
-Permits high resolution measurements with significantly less effort, equipment, time, and resources

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