Tube Measurement and Calibration System

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The U.S. Navy uses traveling wave tubes in tactical jamming systems, in particular, the AN/ALQ-99 (V) Band 9/10 Transmitter. This transmitter contains four traveling wave tubes that produce a specified radio frequency power. The transmitter must be calibrated and tested to ensure the wave tubes are always in phase and the jamming system is in operation.

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane), has developed and patented a tube measurement and calibration system. This technology includes a network analyzer for measuring tube radio frequency phase, a calibration adapter for calibrating tube radio frequency power and phase, an amplifier for amplifying input radio frequency power into the tube, and a rigid coaxial cable for radio frequency power communication between the tube and the network analyzer and between the calibration adapter and the network analyzer. The tube measurement and calibration system ensures wave tubes are matched in phase with almost zero error in phase measurement due to cable flexure.

-Wave tubes are matched in phase
-Almost zero error

Potential Application:
May 13, 2004
Utility Patent
United States
Nov 29, 2005
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