Magnetically Shielded Circuit Board

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When a space vehicle travels from the earth's surface, protection from the earth's magnetic field is diminished and the performance characteristics of electronic circuits contained within the space vehicle are at increased risk from degradation caused by charged particles that collide with the space vehicle. Currently, the protection shields added to space vehicles are heavy and large.

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane), has developed and patented a magnetically shielded circuit board having a conductive solenoid to repel high speed charged particles away from an integrated circuit chip. The conductive solenoid is embedded in the circuit board, or located around the circuit board, or located within an integrated circuit package that is connected to the circuit board. The conductive solenoid is used for conducting an electrical current that forms a magnetic field. The magnetic field will repel high speed charged particles away from the integrated circuit chip, which is within the integrated circuit package. This circuit board will protect space vehicles without imposing any additional space or weight.

-Protection without added weight and size

Potential applications:
-Space vehicles
Nov 4, 2004
Utility Patent
United States
Jan 2, 2007
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