Interface pallet assembly for a helicopter-based weapon system

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The utility of a weapon system is proportional to its field of fire, which can be limited by how it is mounted or supported and the type of vehicle it is attached to. A helicopter- based weapon system is limited by the main rotor overhead, the secondary rotor located on the tail, and the dimensions of the opening through which it is fired. The challenge is to maximize the effective field of fire in a helicopter-based weapon system.

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane), has developed, and patented an interface pallet assembly for a helicopter-based weapon system that supports the installation of larger, heavier weapons systems and preserves the in-flight stability of aircraft. The interface pallet positions most of the weapons system outside of the helicopter's cabin maximizing the effective field of fire, equally distributes forces associated with weight and recoil of the system, and requires no retrofitting to interface with the existing points of connection to the helicopter.

The interface pallet incorporates a cantilevered pallet mounted inside the helicopter and extending down to an external turret plate to one side of the helicopters cabin. The one-sided design of the pallet allows the other side to be used for other activities. Additional uses for this system could include, but are not limited to, the deployment of a winch to lift or lower personnel or equipment, or mounting a camera or other audio visual equipment for recording.

-Supports larger and heavier weapon systems
-Preserves in-flight stability
-Manufactured with high strength-to-weight ratio materials

Potential Applications:
-Law Enforcement
Aug 12, 2002
Utility Patent
United States
May 20, 2003
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