Flexible Fragmentation Sleeve

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Hand deployable explosive devices may be fragmenting or non-fragmenting. Fragmenting explosive devices are configured to propel a plurality of fragmentation members toward a target, while non-fragmenting produce great shock waves without any fragmentation.

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane), has developed and patented a removable flexible sleeve for both fragmenting and non-fragmenting hand deployable explosive devices. The fragmentation sleeve is designed to be easily stowed and quickly assembled in the field. The flexible fragmentation sleeve increases versatility in field applications by enhancing shockwaves and increasing fragmentation members of a non-fragmenting explosive device. Furthermore, the flexible sleeve is lightweight and easy to pack and transport.

-Add fragmentation members to a non-fragmenting explosive device
-Enhance shockwaves of non-fragmenting explosive device
-Lightweight, stowable, and portable
Jan 28, 2011
Utility Patent
United States
Mar 18, 2014
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