Antiballistic Composite for Ordnance

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Recently, there has been an emphasis on compliance with Insensitive Munitions standards as part of an effort to improve the safety of explosives and energetic materials.

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane), has designed, developed, and patented a composite structure for use in a shipping container that is ballistic-resistant and protects its. The composite improves the safety of explosives and energetic materials that are shipped and stored at various locations. Furthermore, this technology provides a structure that improves Insensitive Munitions.

- Compliance with Insensitive Munitions
- Hazard classification testing
- Capable of stopping a 0.50 caliber armor piercing bullet

Potential Applications:
- Military
- Transportation
Feb 11, 2007
Utility Patent
United States
Oct 4, 2011
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