Antenna Simulator Box

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Simulate antennas in electromagnetic simulation devices has become popular. The purpose is to emit or receive electromagnetic waves as efficiently as possible. Antennas are generally selected to perform specific functions, but at times it might be desirable to perform more than one function simultaneously, requiring a signal processor and antenna pair for each function. The simulator usually supports a number of critical features and might be designed and configured to work with more than one antenna apparatus, either simultaneously or individually.

The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, has developed, built, and patented for an Antenna Simulator Box. This device can be used with a signal processor configured to transmit or receive signals. The Antenna Simulator Box can be configured to transmit communications and control signals with signal processors to ensure their proper operation. Signals may be configured to control many functions such as mechanical steering of an antenna, and transmission and reception frequencies.

-Multiple functions
-Control mechanical steering of an antenna
-Control transmission and reception frequencies
-Simulate arrays

Potential Application:
-Commercial cell phones
-Military radar systems
Feb 9, 2008
Utility Patent
United States
Aug 23, 2011
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