Simultaneous, Nonelectric Priming Assembly for Demolition

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The same effect as the Simultaneous Nonelectric Priming Assembly is currently obtained by taping multiple lengths of nonelectric explosive initiation materials together. This ad hoc method is unreliable, has excessive explosive weight, excess time on target, and poor results. While there are several devices that can help reduce this risks, non are able to perform dual priming of reliable, simultaneous initiation of multiple lengths of nonelectric initiation materials.

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane), has developed and patented a Simultaneous Nonelectric Priming Assembly. This invention is a plastic blasting accessory that allows for the dual priming of multiple lengths of nonelectric explosive initiation materials.

- Decreased set-up time
- Reliability
- Near simultaneous detonation
- Reduced and more efficient use of explosive material
- Increased safety

Potential Applications:
- Military
- Demolition
- Disaster clean-up
- Law enforcement
Utility Patent
United States
Mar 26, 2013
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