Non-Invasive Measurement System

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Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane) has developed, patented, and deployed a "Non-Invasive Measurement System" for use in manufacturing processes involving the production of explosives. The measurement system consists of an electrical strip placed on the outside of the tube that will give a reading of the level of material that remains after usage of the manufacturing process. The piston has a magnet attached to its backside that gives off signals to the electrical strip to let the strip know its location at all times. The purpose of its development was because manufacturing employees could not tell how much materials was left in a tube after being used. With this technology, the employee can now get an LCD reading of the level of material left behind.

The current manufacturing process, called an impeller type flow meter in a piston cylinder extruder, has many limitations. First they can only measure low pressure and low viscosity which limits what it can be used to measure. Second, the impeller type flow meter causes a "pinch point" where it reduces the maximum flow rate. The pinch point can cause the explosive material to ignite, causing serious damage. With the non-invasive measurement system, the flow can be measured at a higher pressure and higher viscosity compared to current products on the market.

Potential Applications:
- Explosives
- Pyrotechnics
- Fuel
- Oil
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United States
Oct 9, 2007
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