Mounting System for Securing Containers

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Military operations often require a shelter or container that is easy to transport. These structures are modified and populated with electronics and other equipment to satisfy a particular application. Standard structures come with a limited number of tie-down and lift provisions. Typically each shelter or container comes with one tie-down and one lift ring located at each corner. They can be transported by air, ground, or sea. When transported by air, structures are secured to an airborne certified mission pallet, and the pallet is secured to the aircraft's cargo handling system. Ground transportation of shelters and containers requires the use of chain tie-down assemblies to secure them to a transport vehicle.

Use of chains presents a safety risk for shelters shifting during transit. Cargo that is improperly secured can cause severe accidents and lead to the loss of cargo, lives, vehicles, ships, and airplanes. Therefore, there is a need in the global transportation services market for a technology that effectively secures cargo containers or shelters providing the end-user with a more effective, efficient, and safer handling system.

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane), has designed, patented, and deployed an innovative Mounting System for securing cargo containers or shelters to trucks, airplanes, railroad cars, or ships. These air certified, MIL-STD- 8591, mounting systems eliminate the need for tie-down chain assemblies, lifting equipment, or pallets.

- Eliminates large lifting equipment
- Eliminates special tooling
- Eliminates heavy chains and tie-downs
- Air certified to MIL-STD-8591(NAVAIR)
- Roll-on roll-off feature
- Reduces loading time to less than 5 minutes

Potential Applications:
- Air cargo
- Ground freight
- Rail freight
- Container securing and handling systems
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United States
May 2, 2006
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